Danny Stewart Bluegrass Music Cruise

We're sailing the ocean blue with Danny Stewart in 2018!

Looking for a way to escape the winter doldrums? Then you need to join us on Danny Stewart’s Bluegrass Cruise! It's a bluegrass festival out on the ocean! You have two choices in 2018. January 25 - 29 we will be cruising from Tampa Bay, FL to Cozumel, Mexico. The following month, February 25 - March 1st, we will be traveling from Long Beach, CA to Baja. A fully refundable $100 deposit reserves your spot today! Call Danny Stewart at 570-721-2760 or email him at: MandolinDan2005@yahoo.com

Bluegrass Cruise 2018

California Cruise 2018

Book It Now!
The price of the cruise can go up at any time. You can reserve your spot for $100 per person at http://dannystewartsbluegrasscruise.com.
More Information
We'll be updating this page as more information arrives or you can contact Danny Stewart at 570-721-2760 or email him at MandolinDan2005@yahoo.com.
Not so small print
You know how it is, prices will go up. But $100 pp deposit will lock in your best price, if you call Danny today. To gain entrance to any of the Bluegrass Cruise activites you must book your rooms with Danny. There is no sneaking into the shows just because you're on the boat. The bands are subject to change, heck, everything in life is... but you can reserve a room and lock in your price for a $100 per person fully refundable deposit. Rates do not include taxes and gratuities.